921 East Main Street Professional Office Building designed by MSA for Clients Alex and Borina Gorenshtein provides 6,788 square feet of Class A office space. One design goal was to create a contextual design honoring the Town of Purcellville. A photographic study of the notable buildings of Purcellville defined the palette of materials and architectural forms incorporated in the design. Computer modeling was employed in the creation of the project, aiding the design team in visualizing and communicating the building’s design intent to the Clients and to the newly formed Purcellville Architectural Review Board. The project was approved at the Board’s first meeting. Another design goal was to incorporate sustainable design technology. The building has an Energy Star roof which catches rain water storing it in underground cisterns for watering landscaping, has an enhanced energy envelope, high performance windows, high efficiency mechanical units, and is designed to allow day-lighting of most interior spaces. All of these sustainable building techniques and design decisions were evaluated for their life-cycle costs and are projected to significantly save on the operating costs for this $1,650,000 project.

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